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Brigad_Anti_Terroirstes =Application level 1

on Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:55 pm

=Brigade Anti Terroristes=

"To protect with courage, to serve with compassion."


The Brigade Anti Terroristes was established back in 2010 by Commissioner KyleR and Vice Commissioner DrulX to enforce laws against the high amount of drugs and illegal weapons running through San Andreas’ cities, thanks to a civil disorder. It was difficult in the beginning due the low budget, but it started to increase as the squad grown. Sometime later they had an army of loyal and well trained officers to prevent and combat the flow of trafficked goods.

As they succeeded with the initial task, the squad received more support from other organizations and started to expand. Now days, with changes in its hierarchy, they not only prevent traffic of arms and drugs, but also help protecting the streets from minor crimes, shootouts and robberies, and support other police organizations. Fighting against gangs and cartels amongst San Andreas is currently one of their top priorities.



Our role is to protect government interests and the community, fighting the crime amongst San Andreas. Locating and arresting high wanted criminals, enforcing against traffic of guns and drugs, border patrolling and locating illegal immigrants, and maintaining the streets of San Andreas clear with our patrol officers. In any situation, we are able to respond by land and air.

We are the force bringing assistance to the government, local police and organizations in dangerous situations. We are Brigade Anti Terroristes.



Date of creation: 1/2/2018

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Motto: "To protect with courage, to serve with compassion!"

Tags: BAT|Nick|RANK

Skin= ID 285

Squad Panel: Brigade_Anti_Terroristes

Squad Level: 0

Squad Budget: $0


BAT Binds:

 bind 6 LocalChat #00FFFF[BAT RP] You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.

bind 7 LocalChat #00FFFF[BAT RP] This is the police! Pullover on the right side of the road and stop the engine!

bind 8 LocalChat #00FFFF[BAT RP] This is your last chance to do as said! Stop the vehicle!
bind 9 LocalChat #FF0000[BAT NORP] You are under arrest!



-) You should know and follow all F1 rules;

-) Drive on the right side of the road at all time;

-) RP as much as possible, especially before an arrest. RP if you’re asked to;

-) Do not arrest people under 5 stars;

-) Respect all squad members, especially our own;

-) Do not rage/insult or make spam in the main chat;

-) If any squad ask you for help/back up, you should go to help immediately;

-) Do not spawn as BAT if you get more than 5 stars;

- Obey, Respect, and accept all BAT’s rules.




Cadet (CDT) [In roleplays called as Cadet]   You are now semi part of the Brigade Anti Terroristes. the Headquarters will review your skills and how loyal you are to the squad, this rank is to see if you are good enough to be officially part of the Brigade Anti Terroristes Department. You have to participate as many as possible squad's activities to prove your loyalty and skills. No special calls will be given to player's this rank.


VIP members are close friends of the squad, those people who has bring support to the squad in any way, and are considered as close friends. They just can be choose by the squad leaders.




Do NOT change the application format in any ways.


Real Name:

In-game Name:





How long have you being playing MTA?

Past squad/gang/companies (State if you left or were kicked and why):

What is RP? (Explain using 15 words or more):


Your strengths:

Your weaknesses:

Have you received any bans from the server? If yes, why?

Why did you decide to join our squad?

Explain why we should accept you ?

1-Interview – We will ask some questions about your application to make sure you didn’t lie.
2-Driving – The applicant must start from San Fierro Bank, head to Los Santos Bank and finish in Las Venturas Bank under 5 minutes and less than 20% damage.
3-Shooting – Recruit will duel against a BAT member.

Applicant has exceptional English, was able to answer all the questions properly, put effort into the application and showed interest in game.

Not a bad application, yet we are not sure about your skills or intentions and will discuss between our HQ team.

If blacklisted or copying another application. If the english is too bad or failed to follow application format. Or if failed the tests given ingame.

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