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Group Level Requirements and Rewards

on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:00 pm
Welcome to the group level and requirements topic

Here you will find anything you want to know about how to level up your group.

There are 5 levels which your group could possible accomplish. In order to gain a level you should fulfill the minimum requirements of the next level. Remember, you should apply for the levels one by one. You can not skip levels. Keep in mind we are looking for unique groups, we don't want a third army or another event group for example. Each group should be unique by itself. If you are going to copy an already official group's role, you will denied.

In order to apply you shoud post your topic in this section and mark the fulfilled level requirements for the level you are applying.

Level 1 Requirements:

1. Your group should have at least 6 active members.

2.You should have an official topic with proper information given (backstory,role,members,ranks,recruitment system and so on) and a media archive with at least 15 posts of activities.

3. You should be able to pay 2.500.000$ upon acceptance + 500.000$ for each vehicle (4 vehicles possible,aircrafts/boats locked).

4. The group's members should not be reported while using the group's tags or while roleplaying. (If being reported after you've applied for a level, you should wait a week and reapply).

5. You should own a group base matching your role.

Level 1 Rewards:

1. 2 group spawn with weapons matching to the roleplay style of the group ( They are chosen by the Group Manager himself ). The class will be added in a different team ( Official Groups ). The first should be for the HQ members of the group, the other one should be for the normal players. You can have 2 different skins ( 1 for the HQ spawn and 1 for the normal spawn).

2. Possibility of adding 4 vehicles which cost 500.000$ each.

3. Unique ability matching your role. (streaming music, healing ability, construction panel,bribing,selling fighting styles).

4. Mapped base which matches your role(no military objects, weapons and crates are allowed).

5. Public forum in the Official Group section ( you should post anything related to the group there ).

Level 2 Requirements:

1. You should have at least 10 active members.

2. You should have at least 30 different activities posted at your media archive.

3. You should not be reported while having an open application for next level acceptance.

4. You should have a stable HQ team with a well explained recruitment procedure.

5. You should be able to pay 5.000.000$ upon acceptance and 500.000$ for each vehicle ( +3 additional for level 2, boats and aircrafts unlocked, every vehicle should match your role and special combat vehicles are forbidden ).

Level 2 Rewards:

1. More weapons added to both spawns if needed matching to your role (no special weapons).

2. Possibility of having 3 additional vehicles, 500.000$ for each new vehicle, aircrafts and boats are unlocked.

3. 2 gates in your base locked to your group and a marker to a roof if needed.

4. Locked additional forum in your group's public forum (for members only).

5. A possibilty of adding one handling locked to one of your vehicles if it matches your role.

6. Additional skin for your normal spawn if needed.

Additional rewards might be given if it will benefit your group's role and make it more effective, thats up to the Group Manager.

The rest level R&R to be added soon.
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