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San Andreas State Police

on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:37 pm

San Andreas State Police was established back in 2010 by Commissioner Jason and Vice Commissioner Garrick to enforce laws against the high amount of drugs and illegal weapons running through San Andreas’ cities, thanks to a civil disorder. It was difficult in the beginning due the low budget, but it started to increase as the squad grown. Sometime later they had an army of loyal and well trained officers to prevent and combat the flow of trafficked goods.

As they succeeded with the initial task, the squad received more support from other organizations and started to expand. Now days, with changes in its hierarchy, they not only prevent traffic of arms and drugs, but also help protecting the streets from minor crimes, shootouts and robberies, and support other police organizations. Fighting against gangs and cartels amongst San Andreas is currently one of their top priorities. Now we are recruiting cadets and teaching them how it's like to be a police officer. Cadets are given missions and tasks during the training and after 3 weeks they may apply for police diploma.

Application Format:
Name :
Account :
Age :
How much time have you been playing as a cop ?
Are you aware that you have to spend 3 weeks in SASS, before you can apply to become a police diplomant?
What are your plans after achieving the police diploma?
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